From Left: Jaq Poussot, Aaron Culich & John Stewart @  PEARC

From Left: Jaq Poussot, Aaron Culich & John Stewart @ PEARC

An extra sweet and meaningful compliment from my colleague Aaron Culich from Berkley University.

I reached out to Jaq to join me to create and co-facilitate a workshop on Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness based on studying and practicing together with through the SIY Engage program.

Together we tailored the material for a conference workshop that brings together faculty, researchers, and staff from Research Universities around the world. Jaq is creative and collaborative, and was a key factor in the success of our workshop— from the creative flourishes for our workshop materials and content, to her adept presentation skills that are a lively mix of head and heart that engaged our audience and had them talking about her presentation long after the workshop was over... months later I still hear kudos from people about her presence, and requests for an encore performance. As a co-teacher and co-facilitator she is truly a real joy to work with, both during the preparation phase leading up to it she put in a considerable amount of her own time joyfully and fully present and an active part of building the rapport that we need as co-teachers to stand together in front of an audience and lead a highly interactive workshop. And I learned so much from Jaq in how she engaged with the audience skillfully— including a critical moment where I was troubleshooting technical problems with our other co-facilitator, and Jaq intuited exactly what her co-facilitators and the audience needed in the that moment by leading the audience in an impromptu movement exercise to keep them engaged instead of letting them become frustrated while I fumbled with the tech issues.

Jaq is truly a joy to work with and I look forward to any and all future opportunities that give me a chance to work with her.