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Trained in Emotional Intelligence Leadership Facilitation by SIYLI: Engage (Google's EQ program) and Immunity to Change by Minds at Work

A recent graduate from the Interdisciplinary program at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, with concentrations in Contemplative Psychology and Peace Studies. Currently a consultant for Wisdom Labs in San Francisco.  

Jaq designs learning and development programs that use neuroscience, cognitive psychology, adult development and contemplative mindfulness practices to reduce stress, generate healthy habit change, and build dynamic human-centered interpersonal systems for organizations. 

Experienced in Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Management, Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Neuroscience, Empathy Leadership Development, Team Building, Facilitation, Design Thinking, and Bias for Action.

Happiness is not something you pursue, it is something you allow.
— Chade-Meng Tan

From Left: Jaq Poussot, Aaron Culich, & John Steward at  PEARC 2018

From Left: Jaq Poussot, Aaron Culich, & John Steward at PEARC 2018


A truly generous and kind compliment from my colleague and friend, Aaron Culich. So great working together - and much thanks for this rave review!

I reached out to Jaq to join me to create and co-facilitate a workshop on Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness based on studying and practicing together with through the SIY Engage program.

Together we tailored the material for a conference workshop that brings together faculty, researchers, and staff from Research Universities around the world. Jaq is creative and collaborative, and was a key factor in the success of our workshop— from the creative flourishes for our workshop materials and content, to her adept presentation skills that are a lively mix of head and heart that engaged our audience and had them talking about her presentation long after the workshop was over... months later I still hear kudos from people about her presence, and requests for an encore performance. As a co-teacher and co-facilitator she is truly a real joy to work with, both during the preparation phase leading up to it she put in a considerable amount of her own time joyfully and fully present and an active part of building the rapport that we need as co-teachers to stand together in front of an audience and lead a highly interactive workshop. And I learned so much from Jaq in how she engaged with the audience skillfully— including a critical moment where I was troubleshooting technical problems with our other co-facilitator, and Jaq intuited exactly what her co-facilitators and the audience needed in the that moment by leading the audience in an impromptu movement exercise to keep them engaged instead of letting them become frustrated while I fumbled with the tech issues.

Jaq is truly a joy to work with and I look forward to any and all future opportunities that give me a chance to work with her.
- Aaron Culich Jan 2019

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REcent Projects


Internship @ Wisdom Labs
San Francisco

It's really exciting to be joining the team at Wisdom Labs for a summer internship.  I'm excited to learn from the experts about how to help teams build resilience through mindfulness practices. 

26 Sept 2017 | Arts Based PRactice Day

Designing an awesome Arts-Based Practice Day. Think of it as meditation in action.  I'll be incorporating some edgy components like Virtual Reality to help people learn about the power of storytelling for cultivating compassion. 

17-21 Aug 2017 | Teaching Mindfulness @
StartingBloc NYC

Exciting announcement!  It is my honor to have the opportunity to teach mindfulness to an amazing group of emerging leaders.  To all the fellows of StartingBloc NYC 2017 - I can't wait to meet you!

On-going | SIYLI: Engage

SIYLI: Engage is a program born from Google and based on neuroscience that aims to develop teachers and endow them with the knowledge, tools and leadership capacities to bring the benefits of mindfulness-based emotional intelligence (EI) to the workplace.

Guest lecturers include Wendy Palmer, Daniel Siegel, Paul Eckman, Daniel Goleman, and other specialists in the fields of psychology, emotion, neuroscience and mindfulness.


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resume: selected highlights

Hover and Click to see full LinkedIn Profile

Hover and Click to see full LinkedIn Profile


WISDOM LABS                                                                   
San Francisco, CA (June 2017-Current)                  

Consultant (2017)

Involved in curriculum management for sustainable learning and development of individuals, teams and organizations as a work-place ecosystem. Content design is centered around the neuroscience of Mindfulness, Cognitive Adult Development, and adult behavior change.

-Content Creation & Program Design for online 5-week webinar and in-person keynotes reaching 19,000+ clients
-Project Management and launch of Salesforce’s Global Meditation Room Roll Out (31 Locations)


Our Roots                                                                                          
Boulder, CO (
feb 2017 - CUrrent)

-Fascilitated day long Team Building Workshop resulting in key asset of Company Culture Code and Lived Values; essential to establishing long term partnerships internally among employees and externally with clients and investors.
-Established systems to maintain company archives, legal documents, team work-visas and financial documents
-Manage Human Resources, including hiring, onboarding, & firing all personnel 

With Sam Elmore

With Sam Elmore


Org x DEV                      
Boulder, CO (
Aug 2016 - Apr 2017)


-Company Culture Audit and Employee Experiential Onboarding for tech starts ups | Kapost & SimpleEnergy
-Facilitation of End of Year Review & 2017 Goal Setting with 8-person C-Suite Team


MCKINSEY & COMPANY                 
New York, NY (AUG 2005- MAY 2007)


-Managed 200 room conference center for 700+ person corporate headquarters
-Drove team system change to deliver “Swiss Hotel” level customer service to staff and Fortune 500 clients


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