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WISDOM LABS                                                                   
San Francisco, CA (June 2017-Current)                  

Consultant (2017)

Involved in curriculum management for sustainable learning and development of individuals, teams and organizations as a work-place ecosystem. Content design is centered around the neuroscience of Mindfulness, Cognitive Adult Development, and adult behavior change.

-Content Creation & Program Design for online 5-week webinar and in-person keynotes reaching 19,000+ clients
-Project Management and launch of Salesforce’s Global Meditation Room Roll Out (31 Locations)


Our Roots                                                                                          
Boulder, CO (
feb 2017 - CUrrent)

-Fascilitated day long Team Building Workshop resulting in key asset of Company Culture Code and Lived Values; essential to establishing long term partnerships internally among employees and externally with clients and investors.
-Established systems to maintain company archives, legal documents, team work-visas and financial documents
-Manage Human Resources, including hiring, onboarding, & firing all personnel 

With Sam Elmore

With Sam Elmore


Org x DEV                      
Boulder, CO (
Aug 2016 - Apr 2017)


-Company Culture Audit and Employee Experiential Onboarding for tech starts ups | Kapost & SimpleEnergy
-Facilitation of End of Year Review & 2017 Goal Setting with 8-person C-Suite Team


MCKINSEY & COMPANY                 
New York, NY (AUG 2005- MAY 2007)


-Managed 200 room conference center for 700+ person corporate headquarters
-Drove team system change to deliver “Swiss Hotel” level customer service to staff and Fortune 500 clients