3 Basics for Bhutan | A Short Packing List

When I was getting ready to leave for Bhutan, I remember the paranoir about knowing what to pack for 6 months.  It isn't long enough to take everything, but it isn't short enough to take nothing.  I had a few lucky tips that I was grateful for and which I am now passing along to you.

1. Sunforgettable Tint du Soleil | Living at high altitudes with an notable level of air pollution, this mineral sunscreen is absolutely fantastic. It doesn't feel cakey or heavy and gives you a light amount of coverage which is perfect for the traveler or tourist who wants a protective and quick, yet natural look.  

Advantaged: Great travel size, vacuum seal means no waste.
Disadvantages: One bottle is only an 80 day supply

2. Over the Knee Boot | Although it doesn't go great under a kira, this boot by Tory Burch was phenomenal for my winter arrival here in Bhutan. Helped me to keep my body temperature tolerable when temperatures were below zero; and helped to keep my feet dry when the buckets of water overflowed in the various country wide squat toilets. 

Advantaged: Warm & easy to clean
Disadvantages: Hard to pack.


3. THINX | Panties for women with periods. Yup - my mom is totally blushing right about now.  But I have to post this.  
When I was interviewing someone prior to departure, she tipped me off:

"This is very personal, but... bring a full supply of your favorite feminine hygiene products!" 

Tampons in Bhutan will run you around 750NU for a pack of ten.  Those are applicator free and imported from the UK.  That's $1.36 a piece.  Sure, there are pads... from India.  They are reportedly bulky, not super "predictable" and full of chemicals.  If you are, like me, a personal supply could take up quite a substantial portion of your valuable luggage realestate... so I opted to invest in a cycle set of these revolutionary panties by THINX.  I have to say, it seems particularly GNH to have done so.  These re-useable underwear are complete eco-friendly.  After seeing buckets of the alternative thieved by dogs and then burned next to my bedroom window, I feel a certain kind of happiness knowing that I am avoiding contribution to such pollutions by washing and recycling my THINX. 
....I know... you are a skeptic.  I was too.  There are dozens of reviews which will build your confidence - but I give my vote of confidence with each and everyone of them and would even consider buying them for me entire campus of women, they work so well. 

Advantaged: Girl power, won't cost a quarter of your monthly stipened; no panty-line under local garb and can be used when you return to civilization. 
Disadvantages: Can't promise you will fee sexy